The Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool Warranty

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There are hundreds of Barrier Reef fiberglass pools and spas installed all across Canada by dealers that are trained to install your fiberglass swimming pool. Each backyard project is different and may have many different components. Components could include waterfalls, pergolas, hardscapes, outdoor kitchens and many other great options. It should be understood, that the Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools warranty only covers the pool itself. The project installer or sub-contractors they use are responsible for the other components of the installation.

When you purchase a Barrier Reef pool you can be confident that you will be receiving the best swimming pool on the market. You will have the peace of mind knowing that we strive to deliver the absolute best products available by using only the best raw materials during the construction process. The products that go into a Barrier Reef pool have been thoroughly tested and are held to the highest standard for quality, durability and reliability. We also implement and practice the best construction techniques known in our industry. The Barrier Reef team is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and will continue to delivery only the best pool and spa products.

Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty

Barrier Reef Pools warrants its fiberglass pool shell to be structurally sound for the life of the pool. The term “Structurally Sound” shall mean that the pool is capable of containing water. This warranty shall be for the benefit of the original purchaser and one time transferable to a subsequent purchaser. In the event of the failure of the pool to contain water, Barrier Reef will repair the pool so that it does contain and hold water. Repairs may require modification of the pool. Barrier Reef will not compensate the Purchaser for loss of time or use of the pool, inconvenience, or the cost to refill the pool with water. Please see full warranty for all conditions.



Barrier Reef Pools finish coat or gelcoat is warranted against blistering for a total of 15 years.

Our customers agree, Barrier Reef offers a superior fiberglass pool

I did my research online and I found Port City Pools in Wilmington North Carolina and they had fiberglass pools, which is just what we were looking for. The reason why we wanted to go with fiberglass pools was because the color choices were really cool and the look of the pool. It’s cool how you can have benches, other features and of course the maintenance of the pool makes it a little easier. Right from the beginning it was pretty easy once we decided to go with the Barrier Reef pool from start to finish. The installation team came in, they were professional, the job was done quickly and it turned out amazing. It’s been a little over a year now since we put the pool in the ground and we love it and we use it all the time. The drawback is that there’s constant parties, so we constantly have people in the backyard with lots of kids and we’ve just been enjoying the heck out of it. Purchasing a Barrier Reef fiberglass pool was one of the best decisions we ever made.

— Barrier Reef customer testimonial