Why should you choose to buy a Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool?

There are many reasons to choose a Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool. With so many models, features and colors to choose from, we offer a pool model to suite any of your family’s needs. What do you want out of a pool? This is an important question to consider when speaking with a pool installation company.

Here are ten reasons to consider one of our pools as an addition to your home:

1. Stress Free Zone…a Barrier Reef swimming pool can be used to unwind from the stress of day to day life. Stress can have many negative effects to your health and a pool can be a great way to reduce those effects.

2. Family Fun…spending quality time with the kids, the wife, other family members and friends can often be overlooked in today’s fast paced world. One of our pools can change all that. Spending more quality time with family and friends is a great benefit to having a pool in your yard.

3. Anytime Relaxation…pool water can help relax your mind and provide therapeutic relief to aching muscles. Sitting and relaxing in the pool, listening to music or reading a book can become an addicting pleasure.

4. Best in Class…our fiberglass pools utilize best in class manufacturing processes and we continuously monitor and maintain our shell molds. Our team has decades of experience in the fiberglass pool industry, on a global scale, and we utilize that knowledge to build every one of our pools.

5. Quick Installation…fiberglass pools are much easier to install when compared to other pool types. We have reputable dealers across the United States that can get you into a pool in as little as a few weeks. There is no onsite construction, the pool mold is delivered as one piece and installed. Your local dealer can share this process with you in more detail.

6. Built to Last…structural integrity is everything when it comes to our pools. Our pools are manufactured to the highest standards by highly trained professionals. We offer one of the most comprehensive warrantees on the market and we back every pool we build.

7. Pool and Spa Connection…a spa can be a great addition to any pool project. Spas offer a wide range of therapeutic massage benefits to enhance your life. We have several spa options that can easily connect to your pool for a more integrated backyard.

8. Built in Features…our fiberglass pool models integrate only the best features on the market. Our pools are built to be functional and comfortable. Each pool model is built with a unique set of features specific to our pools and will enhance your overall swimming pool experience.

9. Easy on the Skin…no more rough edges and skin irritations. Our pool surface is extremely comfortable to the touch and the fiberglass shell helps resists algae growth.

10. Beautiful Colors…Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools offers a unique set of colors, available on every pool we manufacture. Our unique, ‘SHIMMER’ colors add a WOW factor to really make your pool stand out. There are seven shimmer color options to choose from.

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool Benefits

Living The Dream…Everyday!


Stress Free Zone


Family Fun


Anytime Relaxation


Best In Class


Quick Installation


Built to Last


Pool and Spa Connections


Built in Features


Easy on the Skin


Beautiful Colors