The Connection Series – Resort Spa and Whitsunday Combo


The Connection Series is a wonderful enhancement to the alternatives that Barrier Reef supplies to its clients. The Connection Series offers a terrific method for you to add a fiberglass spa to your fiberglass swimming pool job. Many people that have a swimming pool whind up desiring a healthy and relaxing spa at some point. Both go hand in hand and with the growth of custom outdoor products, having a spa as part of your outdoor living space is a natural fit.

Barrier Reef continues to offer one-of-a-kind enhancements to its product model offering. With the Connection Series you have a spa/ledge combination, which we call the Resort Spa, that links to our most prominent pool model the Whitsunday. The connection permits you to place the spa/ledge combination in a number of places around the Whitsunday swimming pool for layout arrangement comfort. This can be useful in specific installation tasks where project area is limited.

The Resort Spa is one more great Barrier Reef innovation that incorporates a spa/hot tub and a lounger with a ledge. The spa comfortably fits 5 while the sundeck or lounging step provides a method to loosen up in the water and also saturate up the sunlight without being completely engaged in the water.

Because of its timeless appearance and versatile attributes, the Whitsunday fiberglass swimming pool is popular. The typical Whitsunday version line consists of the 40, 35- as well as 30-foot versions. Just like all of our pool models you will have an option of Ocean, California, Aquamarine, Sandstone, Midnight, Evening Sky and also Arctic shimmer shades.

When researching on fiberglass swimming pool models and the choices readily available to you for your job you will certainly come to understand that Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools is amongst the top manufacturers. Our swimming pools are made in the USA and delivered to many states in the United States and Canada. To learn more on the Connection Series and how you can add this perfect connection to your backyard, call us today!