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Customer Reviews – Michael Peterson of Sonco Pools and Spas

Hi there, my name is Mike Peterson with Sonco Pools and Spas in Rockford, Illinois and we choose Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools because the swimming pools we receive from Barrier Reef are really well built and we really like to do business with the Barrier Reef team of professionals. One of the biggest benefits to us is their culture. We really love their culture, manufacturing process and that they go out of their way to make themselves accessible when we need them.

This year our team had the honor of winning the Masters of Design award for one of our pool design and installation projects. Barrier Reef supplied us with the Whitsunday swimming pool that won the Masters of Design award. This was a proud moment for our team and demonstrates the work we can do with fiberglass pools.

We recommend Barrier Reef to all of our clients and my customers can choose Barrier Reef Pools with confidence. The Barrier product line offers so many different sizes and shapes and their always very innovative with their product design. Their pools offer innovative design features like loungers, step designs, benches and more.

In the Rockford and greater Chicago region we install a lot of automatic cover systems, which most customers seem to want these days. Barrier Reef pools are perfectly designed and work really well with automatic covers.

The Barrier Reef product line also offers free form designs which our customers like as additional options to choose from. Some customers are looking for more natural looking designs and these pools fit that mold. Our team has worked with many different pool products and manufacturers and out of all the manufactures we have worked with in the past we believe that Barrier Reef offers the best product. We also believe that Barrier Reef USA has the best culture of any other manufacturer in the business.

So, I’m giving my endorsement to a great company to do business with. If you’re looking for an inground pool manufacturer that can supply you with a fiberglass pool, you can definitely choose Barrier Reef Fiberglas Pools with confidence.

– Mike Peterson

At Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools, we have the processes in place to build the best fiberglass pools in the world. We manufacture our pools in South Carolina and we pay great attention to detail in every pool that we make. This is important to us because we want to sell the best products while creating the right manufacturing atmosphere to accomplish this.

Our culture is important to us at Barrier Reef. It’s for this reason that we go above and beyond for our dealers and their customer’s. For decades dealers across the country have trusted our brand to deliver the best pools to their customer’s. For more information about our pools or to have a dealer contact you please contact us today.

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