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Have Fun in Your Own Backyard Swimming Pool Playing games

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To help you kick-start your summer into high gear, here are a few swimming pool games for you and your family to consider playing for loads of fun in your pool.

Marco Polo – someone is designated as “it”. That person then closes or covers their eyes for about 10 seconds, while the other players disperse around the pool. The person that’s “it” with eyes closed, then swims around the pool, attempting to tag the other players, calling out “Marco”. The other players, must then respond with, “Polo”. When the person that’s “it” succeeds in tagging another player, the player touched then becomes “it” and the game starts over.

Jousting – grab a pair of inflatable rafts. These are going to be used to create a duel of sorts. The idea is to have two persons with their rafts on opposite ends of the pool. They’ll be facing each other and are going to move towards each other. The goal is to knock the other person off their raft as you meet in the middle. The person left on the raft is the winner.

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Noodle Knights – this is a fun game that uses foam pool noodles or noodle swords. Much like jousting you can play on rafts or in the water. Everyone gets a noodle sword, pick an opponent, and try to strike each other. The first one to strike the other one 5 times wins.

Find The Bottle – This is a fun game that can help build up those competitive juices in a hurry for kids who are participating. The premise of the game is to fill a two-liter bottle with water. Now, the children are going to stand outside the pool while having their backs towards it. This means they won’t see what is happening in the pool as they wait. While they are waiting, the organizer drops the water bottle into the pool wherever they like. It will sink, and that’s when the kids will be told to turn around. Whoever finds it first and brings it to the surface wins.

Water Tag – Kids love playing tag, and it becomes even more challenging while they’re playing in the swimming pool. There can be different rules put in place to how they respond to each other while tagged and that can be created on the spot. It’s a fun game to play and can get the kids moving around.

Shark Tag – one person is “it” and they are the shark. They can only tag someone if they are in the water. The other kids can jump in and out of the water as they like. It’s important to note, a kid can only stay out of the water for five seconds, or they’re automatically a shark too. Those who get tagged are sharks. The last person standing wins.

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Treasure – This is a cool game that can be set up for the kids in a matter of seconds. It is similar to the idea of the water bottle game, but you are going to use coins. Toss the coins into the swimming pool and see who can come up to the surface with the most money, while remaining underwater picking up as much money as they can.

There are many more games that can be played in the pool. Some will require additional accessories such as a basketball hoop or a volleyball net and will cost some money to purchase and install. For the amount of use and fun that you can get out of these purchases they are well worth it. However, there are many fun times to be had with no toys or by using common household items.

So, when your planning your next backyard pool party or just having fun in the backyard pool, add a game to your pool time and there will be plenty of fun to be had by all. Why not set up one of these games so everyone can have a great time? All of the games discussed here are easy to set up and won’t get boring. Plus, you can always mix and match the games to get more out of them.

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