How Much Do Fiberglass Pools Cost

There is good reason why it’s difficult to present approximate costs to a broad Geographic market place.

How much does a fiberglass pool cost?

Understandingly this is typically the number one question people ask or think about when researching a purchase of an in ground pool. The web gives people a mountain of information that informs and educates the ins and outs of fiberglass pools, but when looking for estimated cost so they can at least set budgets and feel comfortable before they start to call for quotes. The information they receive can be ambiguous because the answer is very broad and is based on assumptions that may or may not apply. There is good reason why it’s difficult to present approximate costs to a broad Geographic market place. I have listed some below:

  • Where you live will have an impact on your cost, whether in cooler climates in the North and the milder climates in the South.
  • Access has an impact on costs for excavation and installation 8 ft. is considered good access.
  • Crane access and distance from the road or driveway to where the pool is going. Obstructions to consider are mature trees or hydro lines that may require a specialized or larger crane.
  • If a basic install is considered to be 1 light, heater, filter, salt system, 10 inch concrete collar around the pool and pump. Everything else is an option for example, spa jets, waterfall feature, automation, extra lights, etc. each option adding hundreds to thousands of dollars to the cost.
  • Size of pool that you choose will have an impact, going from a 30 ft pool to a 40 ft will be a modest increase in cost.
  • How far the equipment is from your main utilizes gas meter and Hydro.
  • Decking and landscape choices can be by far the most difficult to estimate because of 100’s of choices and types of decking available as you can see by the galleries of the websites you have visited.

So based on the variables above the question still is how much does a Fiberglass Pool cost? Always budget on the high side and pat yourself on the back if you are below it taking into account good backyard access with no obstacles, just basic pool package with no decking and landscaping for a mid-size Fiberglass pool $35,000 to $40,000 plus relevant taxes. For decking and landscapes it can average $15,000 to $25,000. Keep in mind the options are limitless when creating your backyard oasis by adding an outdoor kitchen, gazebo, cabana, etc. The price can add up very quickly and before you know it you’re into a $100,000 project.