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Swimming Pool Extras That Won’t Break The Bank

Sometimes a swimming pool just isn’t enough. There may come a time when you want to add accessories to your pool. Today there are hundreds of accessories available that you can purchase to enhance your swimming pool fun. Pool owners buy these accessories for different reasons. Some reasons may include, accessories to improve cleanliness, safety, functionality, games and others which enhance the design or creativity of the pool’s layout.

Like all products, some pool accessories have different manufacturers with different prices, so it will be important to do your research before you purchase any products. In this article we will discuss popular accessories pool owners use with their fiberglass swimming pools.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

a. Telescopic Poles

These poles are used in skimming, vacuuming and brushing. Most poles are made from aluminum and fiberglass. These poles often have two to three holes at its end for attachment on butterfly clips.

b. Vacuum Hose and Heads

Vacuum pool cleaners work by sucking in water, while filtering out particles. The head is attached to the hose. There are also robotic pool cleaners that work without human assistance and can be programmed for specific use.

c. Leaf Traps

The leaf trap is connected to a pole or hose to trap and remove leaves or debris. Often the trap has a rectangular or circular shape with a straining net. The net allows you to easily maneuver it through the water as needed. Once full you empty the leaves into the trash.

d. Pool Brushes

Over time, various pool types may develop algae across the surface of the pool. A pool brush is a simple way to remove and clean algae from the pool walls and floor. NOTE: This should be done at least once a week.

e. Salt Chlorine Generators

This equipment regulates the chlorine content into the pool water. Unlike chlorine tablets or liquid, the salt is converted to hypochlorous acid using electrolysis. A salt chlorination system will help you clean and remove algae much more efficiently than traditional systems and works great with fiberglass swimming pools.

Pool Safety Equipment

a. Pool Fences

Fences are created to serve as a barrier to prevent outsiders and animals from attempting to enter the pool. Pool safety fences are also great for keeping smaller children out of the main pool area. There are many types of pool fences. Most common fences include aluminum and steel fences respectively. They often come in different lengths and sizes depending on the total perimeter of the pool.

b. Pool Safety Net

These nets provide an excellent barrier to ensure that small children won’t easily fall through it. Nets are a great way to see in the water without having to remove anything. Most important is to keep the pool net nice and tight so that it serves its purpose effectively.

c. Safety Pool Covers

Similar to nets these covers are applied to protect your pool from objects falling into the pool. Safety pool covers provide full coverage so when the pool is covered you will not be able to see into the water. Two types used for fiberglass pools are mesh and solid covers. These covers are typically made from vinyl and other UV stabilized materials.

d. Pool Alarms

Pool alarms are installed to ensure the safety of people and pets and help to prevent drownings. A pool alarm is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children, pets or anything above a certain threshold falls into your unsupervised pool. There are various types of pool alarms to include floating sensors and infrared motion detectors.

Recreational Swimming Add-ons

a. Pool Lighting

The most common type of pool lighting today is LED based. LED lighting can provide many unique colors to your pool experience and allow for better lighting during evening swims. LED Lighting can also be a great addition for your outdoor living areas.

b. Toys and Games

There are many great add on features for your pool. Basketball hoops, volleyball nets and swim jets are all great options for adding exercise options to your pool. You could also buy different pool toys to facilitate fun for the kids. There are unique pool toys available for all age groups.

c. Slides

A pool with a slide provides an additional option for family and friends to have fun while enjoying the pool water. There are many types of pool slides and colors to fit your pool’s environment. Its important to keep your slide clean and free of debris for safe usage.


The add-on pool options you have available are numerous and every year new and innovative products are created and available for sale. Visit your local pool store and speak with different pool installers to get the right add-on products for your pool. Take the time to evaluate your options and consider using the best products that will enhance your overall swimming pool experience. in


In-ground Fiberglass Swimming Pools, How Much do They Cost?

One of the first questions we’re asked is what’s the price of a fiberglass pool?

It makes sense that cost would be the first question to arise when a pool shopper begins the research process. Like purchasing a car, they want to know the price range that works within their budget and with what options before they make any final commitments. We’ve been in front of thousands of customers and ultimately the question of cost comes up within the first few minutes of the conversation.

There isn’t much out there describing the costs of fiberglass pools and that’s because there are many variables that change from project to project and from one location to another. Often there are unforeseeable issues that can occur, which is why it’s best to have a good and reputable pool company install your swimming pool. But we understand. The cost of a Pool matters (along with many other factors). It can certainly dictate what swimming pool and additional options you’re able to achieve with your backyard oasis project. A main point for consideration is that you need to develop a budget that plans for future ownership costs, as well as the initial project installation costs and possible over runs.

As you can see the problem with answering this question is the fact that a fiberglass swimming pool has many add on options that it makes giving a cookie cutter price for a completely installed pool project almost impossible to cost out without an onsite visit and estimate by a fiberglass swimming pool contractor.

Regardless, we can provide you an estimate with some realistic price ranges for various phases of a swimming pool installation project. Remember, these prices are just an estimated price range and as mentioned previously can change dramatically from one manufacturer to another, from different installers and in different parts of the country.

In general, most fiberglass pool projects cost between $45,000–$85,000, which typically includes concrete or paver patios, standard pool operating equipment and basic accessories. As with any swimming pool installation project, these costs can increase drastically when you add other outdoor living features like water falls, stone hardscaping, lighting, salt water systems and so on.

A Fiberglass Pool Shell

I just want to buy the fiberglass pool shell! At Barrier Reef we don’t sell our fiberglass pool shells directly to the consumer. We use a dealer network of highly qualified dealers and installers that can maintain the warranty on our pools. However, there are other manufacturers that do sell direct so we’ll cover what those costs might look like. (Keep in mind these price ranges do not include shipping or additional features)

Small pool shell (26 ft. long or less): $12,000–$16,000

Medium shell (27–34 ft. long): $15,000–$20,000

Large shell (35 ft. long or more): $18,000–$30,000

Fiberglass Spa: $4,000–$7,000

Basic Installation Packages

If there were a “basic” package it might typically include:

  • Shell
  • Shipping
  • Excavation
  • Backfill
  • Pool collar
  • 3’ of concrete around pool
  • Pump/filter system
  • Electrical
  • Filling the pool

Most basic pool packages don’t include premium outdoor living options such as fire features, patios, pergolas, bars, kitchens, etc.

Typical price range: $35,000–$50,000

(This, like everything else mentioned in this blog post, is contingent on a variety of factors, so please get a quoted price from a local installer in your region.)

Basic Install plus Pavers

If you start to consider more custom and unique looks for your project you may want to consider adding a paverscaped patio and seating area with a firepit. This includes everything mentioned in the basic installation plus the additional paver projects.

Most hardscape paver patios are 500–1000 square feet with a multi-tiered pit.

Typical price range: $45,000–$60,000

Additional Pricing Options for Consideration

Depending upon brand, capacity and other features, most:

Salt water chlorine systems cost $1,200–$2,500.

Pool security covers cost $2,500–$5,000.

Automatic pool covers cost $8,000–$15,000.

Heat pumps cost $5,000–$6,500.

LED pool lighting cost $800–$3,000.

Security Fencing cost $1,000–$3,000.

Automatic Cleaning Systems cost $500–$1,500.

Get a Closer Look

Many pool installers use a software package called PoolStudio, which is a great tool for building 3-D renderings of your possible pool project. These renderings are great because they can give you an idea of what your pool might look like with additional features, etc. The software outputs video renderings as well for defining the project further and for sharing with friends and family.

In Conclusion

The cost estimates in this blog post are for general purposes and are meant as a guideline to help you during your pool shopping experience. You may notice that costs may vary significantly from one dealer to another so it will be important to check the reputation of the builder.

Our team of sales professionals both in the USA and Canada can help you find the right dealer that can get you into your dream pool and backyard oasis. There are so many options available and financing has never been easier. To learn more please contact us.

woman sitting beside swimming pool while dangling her feet in the water

Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Size for Your Family and Your Home

A swimming pool installation project requires many considerations. These considerations, among many others, include size, shape, and the materials necessary to build your outdoor living project. These are important when outlining the components of your pool. There are many sizes of pools and with certain types of pool construction methods you really have no limitations to what kind of sizes your pool could be. The most important considerations are the cost, who will build your project, the design and the location of where your pool will be placed in the ground.

In this blog post, we will evaluate what size of pool to choose when building your backyard oasis. We will also provide you with a few smart tips to consider when looking at a swimming pool size for your backyard.

What is your purpose for a pool?

Seems like an easy enough question, but when you delve deeper you may decide that you need a swimming pool in your backyard for many reasons. Constructing a swimming pool doesn’t just happen because you want one. In most cases you have an initial reason why you are having a swimming pool installed. So, it’s important to review all the options a swimming pool can offer you and your family and then from there determine the right size pool for your yard. Here are some ideas to consider:

A. For recreational purposes, pools must have a shallow and, in some cases, a deep end. The shallow end is safe for children while the deep end can be used by older or more experienced swimmers. This is important as you could expect that a person of any age could be utilizing the pool. It’s recommended having a depth fewer than six feet to meet most pool needs.

  • For a family of six to eight people, an 18 foot by 36-foot pool is recommended. This should be sufficient to avoid crowding and allow for the playing of games. Rectangle shaped pools look best for this size. Want to see a great model in this size range? See the Grande.
  • For a family of less than six, a 16 foot by 32 foot would be a little more compatible. This size would allow for swimming and casual relaxation while staying cool in the pool. Kidney, free form, or bean-shaped pools work best for this pool size. The Coral Sea and Oyster are good options for this size range.
  • For smaller backyard foot prints, you will be looking for a pool that offers the ability to just chill and relax. For that kind of pool, you will be looking for a size that’s under the 14-foot by 25-foot size range. You can get a lot of versatility from smaller pools and they take up a much smaller space, which is perfect if you have a smaller backyard to work with. The Outback EscapeMilano and Pixie are good fiberglass pool models in this size range.

B. Swimming laps for regular exercise, this type of pool size should be a rectangular shaped pool. We recommend a minimum of 30 feet in length to provide enough space for lap swimming and exercise. The swim lane is important, but so is the depth and other features. The Coral Sea and Whitsunday offer wide swim lanes for swimming laps.

C. For competitive and athletic swimmers, pool depths should be more than your height and you should have a pool that allows you to practice complete strokes so that you can maximize your efforts. We have two pool models that are 40-foot in length and these pools are also great for entertaining. See all of our pool models here.

How Big is your Living Space?

Not all pool needs are the same and not all backyards are of a standard size. So, the space you must work with in your backyard will dictate the pool size you can install and any other design features you will want to integrate. Nonetheless, not all houses have large outdoor spaces to accommodate wide-ranging pool sizes. Thus, it’s important to maximize the use of your living space when designing your swimming pool project. Because we offer a wide range of pool sizes you will be able to optimize your project accordingly.

How often you will use your fiberglass pool?

Another factor to consider is the frequency of usage. This will have an impact on the amount of pool maintenance your pool will need. Humans, pets, insects and other debris can make your pool unusable, so it’s important to consider maintenance when determining the right pool size for your needs. An in-ground fiberglass swimming pool will provide you with longevity and stability. Using strong and secure materials such as fiberglass rather than concrete will help insure you get the most from your pool while minimizing your pool maintenance efforts.

What kind of budget do you have to work with? Do you need financing?

Long-term financial planning is often an important part when considering the size of your pool project. Pools cost money to install, operate and maintain, so there is no magic number when determining how to plan for maintaining you pool long term. It’s best to gauge your expenses on your usage, location and a maintenance schedule determined with your builder. Other payments to consider include; general pool maintenance, covers, fencing, chemicals, cleaning and more. Your pool size will impact every aspect of the mentioned pool requirements. That is why you should understand what pool size or design will be most convenient for your budget.
To help minimize your upfront expenses from your pool project, there are many finance companies that provide financing specifically for outdoor living and fiberglass installation projects. This type of financing can provide you with the pool you desire while freeing up money for maintenance and other related pool upkeep needs over the long term.

To wrap things up on the right swimming pool size for you

Choosing the perfect swimming pool size and shape for your family may not be as easy as you once thought. You will have to consider many things and it might seem overwhelming at first. This is where a good swimming pool installer can help you out. They can help you explore your swimming pool model options, based on your needs and help you decide the best pool size to meet all the considerations we discussed in this blog post. However, if you’re still uncertain on who to contact, we work with many great dealers across the USA and we can recommend a dealer to you. Contact us today and we can put you in touch with a Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool dealer and you could be swimming in the perfect size pool to meet your needs this summer.

fiberglass-pool-video-review-by-sonco-pools canada

Customer Reviews – Michael Peterson of Sonco Pools and Spas

Hi there, my name is Mike Peterson with Sonco Pools and Spas in Rockford, Illinois and we choose Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools because the swimming pools we receive from Barrier Reef are really well built and we really like to do business with the Barrier Reef team of professionals. One of the biggest benefits to us is their culture. We really love their culture, manufacturing process and that they go out of their way to make themselves accessible when we need them.

This year our team had the honor of winning the Masters of Design award for one of our pool design and installation projects. Barrier Reef supplied us with the Whitsunday swimming pool that won the Masters of Design award. This was a proud moment for our team and demonstrates the work we can do with fiberglass pools.

We recommend Barrier Reef to all of our clients and my customers can choose Barrier Reef Pools with confidence. The Barrier product line offers so many different sizes and shapes and their always very innovative with their product design. Their pools offer innovative design features like loungers, step designs, benches and more.

In the Rockford and greater Chicago region we install a lot of automatic cover systems, which most customers seem to want these days. Barrier Reef pools are perfectly designed and work really well with automatic covers.

The Barrier Reef product line also offers free form designs which our customers like as additional options to choose from. Some customers are looking for more natural looking designs and these pools fit that mold. Our team has worked with many different pool products and manufacturers and out of all the manufactures we have worked with in the past we believe that Barrier Reef offers the best product. We also believe that Barrier Reef USA has the best culture of any other manufacturer in the business.

So, I’m giving my endorsement to a great company to do business with. If you’re looking for an inground pool manufacturer that can supply you with a fiberglass pool, you can definitely choose Barrier Reef Fiberglas Pools with confidence.

– Mike Peterson

At Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools, we have the processes in place to build the best fiberglass pools in the world. We manufacture our pools in South Carolina and we pay great attention to detail in every pool that we make. This is important to us because we want to sell the best products while creating the right manufacturing atmosphere to accomplish this.

Our culture is important to us at Barrier Reef. It’s for this reason that we go above and beyond for our dealers and their customer’s. For decades dealers across the country have trusted our brand to deliver the best pools to their customer’s. For more information about our pools or to have a dealer contact you please contact us today.

Fiberglass Pools Canada a message from Tony Walton for 2019

We are live at this year’s Pool and Spa Expo in Las Vega, Nevada. We are here showing off our great line of fiberglass swimming pools.

2019 is upon us and 2018 was an amazing year for Barrier Reef. We have some great brand-new models available for 2019. Among them is a fantastic pool we just built, it’s a 40-footer– 8 foot 6 inches deep, it’s called the Whitsunday Deep. This is our deepest swimming pool to date that has lots of terrific functions. It has a terrific swimming area and swim lane with a huge walk-in entrance. The pool has 4 entry/exit options as designed from the classic Whitsunday 40 version and I assure you’re really going to love this pool.

We additionally have our Dundee series, yes, the Dundee from down under. We have actually made this pool with 4 access points, a lot of seating and our basic safety ledge around the perimeter. Our Dundee Lounger version has a great tanning ledge that you can lay around in, while appreciating your outside surroundings.

We additionally have the brand-new Cube Sundeck. With the Cube Sundeck you can put it anywhere around the swimming pool, and it fits completely with any of our swimming pool designs. The Cube Sundeck has ten inches of water in it, you can lay about in it as well as have a fun soaking up the sunlight.

To read more about our high-quality swimming pools please visit our models and gallery pages and discover the possibilities that await you, when you have a Barrier Reef pool as part of your backyard. Our newest swimming pool models are currently for sale. To learn more about having a pool installed at your home please contact us here. Our fiberglass pools are available in the US and Canada.

The distinction between Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools and other brands in the industry.

There are lots of fiberglass pool makers, and each has a one-of-a-kind production procedure when it involves their pool structures. We know consumers are looking for the very best possible swimming pool they can get, due to the fact that when they add a pool into their life, they don’t intend on changing it anytime soon.

At Barrier Reef, one of the biggest things that sets us apart from others in our sector is our culture. Due to the fact that the majority of producers are purchasing the raw materials essential to construct a swimming pool from the very same vendors, our culture is important. The difference from one pool supplier to another is just how we pick the best readily available materials as well as exactly how we use those resources to make the very best pool for you to purchase.

Some producers like to contrast their swimming pool producing process to the boating or marine market manufacturing procedure. We think the 2 sectors are totally different as well as that contrasting the 2 is like comparing an apple to an orange. It could seem like a comparable contrast but when you look a bit closer into the details as well as compare both, it will become evident that they are unlike in many ways.

When you look at the boating market you will see how it’s different from the fiberglass pool market. When making a watercraft, the marine market is looking to build the boat as light and also as fast as possible. Due to the fact that as you are crashing through the waves you desire the product to soak up some of that energy, the boat additionally needs to be as flexible as possible.

A typical manufacturing technique in the boating market is to utilize a woven roving technique which will make the boat thinner and also lighter. This makes complete sense when building a marine vessel. We simply don’t think that in the fiberglass swimming pool industry that we want our pool wall surfaces to be like a boat, because we do not want such flexibility.

When a fiberglass swimming pool is in the ground it’s subject to movement particularly in freeze-thaw environments associated with cooler areas. That pressure is totally different from what a boat is exposed to in the water. When we are developing your Barrier Reef pool we understand that it’s not going to be in the sea exposed to 120 mph forces, so we desire it to be solid and less flexible.

As a consumer, the material you’re most worried about is the first layer of the swimming pool, mainly because this is the layer that is exposed, which you see and also interact with in the water. This top layer is called the gelcoat layer which has shade as well as occasionally metal flake in it.

At Barrier Reef we choose the most sophisticated gelcoats readily available and we never compromise on this critical part of our fiberglass swimming pools. Our pools make use of the finest, while being economically feasible, gelcoats and modern technology that we can use, to bring you the best pools possible.

After thousands of pools being put in the ground in all different type of climates, we have actually discovered that the most effective swimming pool type is a robust fiberglass pool by Barrier Reef. What does that mean, how can a swimming pool be a more robust? Our swimming pools are much heavier and much thicker than any type of other brand name on the market.

Consider the pressures that are antagonizing the pool when it’s in the ground. The pool itself acts as a retaining wall, needing to preserve everything behind the swimming pool versus everything in the swimming pool. Natural ground forces are attempting to push the swimming pool inward as well as the water inside the swimming pool is pressing it out. The best possible mix is to develop a really strong swimming pool which is robust and hefty.

The benefit of this is that when the installer is managing the swimming pool, moving it and putting it in the ground the pool walls are not very adaptable, and also the pool stays strong as soon as in the ground. Having such thick swimming pool wall surfaces is a crucial variable as the swimming pool ages as well, since ground stress will not cause a Barrier pool to bulge like some manufacturers that make a thinner pool.

When comparing different kinds of building processes some make use of a fabric-based material, which is a woven roving textile or fiberglass matting as the structure of the swimming pool. The difference in concept is that the fiberglass fabric is very solid and resembles a web of fiberglass that’s thin and also light. This would be great for stopping a bullet, on a bullet proof vest or something like that, because it’s acts as a safeguard from extreme pressures. Yet it does not provide us any type of architectural strength, which suggests the pool has a great deal of flex and we don’t want that.

When contrasting the woven roving approach to the chop technique the woven roving method utilizes the fabric with resins that are shot from a specialized gun around a swimming pool covering to construct a finished swimming pool. The problem we have with this technique is that you can create something called resin richness. Resin richness takes place when the resin material starts to merge on the matting creating an irregular application. Gradually this pooled resin will create trouble and also is not the most effective method to get the perfect mix or proportion of fiberglass product.

The chop method of construction Barrier Reef selects to use, shoots fiberglass strands, which nearly resemble a thick fishing line, with a specialty slice gun. This gun chops the fiberglass right into these strands as well as they are used to the fiberglass shell. The benefit to building a swimming pool by doing this is that you have the randomness of the fiberglass being placed on at unique angles as well as layers. The chop gun technique adds layers to your swimming pool shell, with an excellent ratio between the resins and the fiberglass. This guarantees that the resin fills similarly into the fiberglass as well as gives us the very best composite framework.

The Barrier Reef mission is to build the finest most durable pool that we can, which is why we add much more fiberglass, more material and make the swimming pool heavier. Gradually this results in a much better structure in the ground for you as well as your family members to appreciate over time. We just do not think that in the fiberglass swimming pool market that we want our swimming pool wall surfaces to be like a watercraft, in that we don’t want that flexibility.

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Fiberglass Pool Reviews by Real Customers

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools has a reputation for building the best fiberglass pools on the market. As a premier fiberglass pool manufacturer, Barrier provides the strongest most durable pools that are built to withstand the harshest climates. For decades our pools have been going into the ground in backyards across the United States.

Our team of engineers has perfected the process that we use to build our pools. And because we do it right every time, every pool we manufacture is perfect for any backyard. There are many swimming pool companies that claim to have superior pool shells, but at the end of the day Barrier Reef has the highest quality pool offering for pool customers to choose from.

Barrier Reef has many great dealers that sell and install our pools. Many of them have experience with other fiberglass pool products and other pool installation types, such as vinyl or concrete pools. Here’s what a few of our best dealers have to say about our pools:

“Barrier Reef pools have the strongest and heaviest pool shells on the market. Barrier Reef uses top quality gel-coat materials that will last for 20 to 30 years if not longer and they have the best pool colors in the industry.” – Steve, Barrier Reef Dealer, Florida

“With decades of experience in all types of pool construction, it was an easy choice to use Barrier Reef fiberglass pools and spas. We have been installing Barrier Reef pools for over 8 years and choose Barrier Reef for our projects because of their dealer focused culture and commitment to building superior pools. Barrier Reef offers an excellent warranty and they have a strong desire for the end-user’s satisfaction.” – Mike, Barrier Reef Dealer, Illinois

It’s important to get the perspective of a pool dealer/installer. The dealer is at the front of the sale and has the insight into how the pool was installed. It’s the dealers who can really provide perspective and if they have experience with more than one manufacturer, they typically prefer Barrier Reef pools. It’s not uncommon for our dealers to have requests to repair other manufacturer’s pools, from cracking to fading and chipping. These types of issues are not common to Barrier Reef pools and we are proud that we rarely receive these types of complaints with our pools. Under normal conditions and if the pool chemistry is maintained correctly our pools will last for decades.

Dealer reviews are great, but it’s always fun to hear from the end customer and how they are enjoying their pools. We looked around the web and put together a list of reviews from various websites that included Google, Facebook and Houzz.

Brent Morton – 5 Star

Great pool! Great price! Barrier Reef sold us a great pool, and everything was delivered as promised. Highly recommend using them.

Steve Cronin – 5 Star

Went by the factory to look at their fiberglass pools. Love the colors and I will soon be getting my pool from them.

North Carolina Customer – 5 Star

I have a fire pit right beside the pool and we do our smores and everything. It’s just a great family gathering spot. The pool we selected was large enough that I can sit 10 people around it, and we just have a great time swimming.

Garry Rogers – 4 Star

A grade A pool experience and great people to work with.

Steve Rogers – 4 Star

Great swimming pools.

Jennifer M. – 5 Star

I had a very pleasant experience with our recent pool installation. I extend my compliments to your sales representative, Jody Parker, who was very personable and professional during the entire process. From the moment that I first inquired about a pool through completion she has been pleasant, efficient and responsive.

Larry – 5 Star

I bought the Oyster 1 it’s already installed, and we love it.

Tammy W – 5 Star

Steve of Paradise Pools, Brick, New Jersey installed our pool two weeks ago! We love it and the installation was flawless!!!!!! Pictures to follow!

Scott & Marcy Thompson – 5 Star

Just wanted to reach out and say how professional the crew was on the installation of our pool in the past few weeks. The crew used careful planning to protect the neighbor’s driveway and the surrounding elements. Derek kept me informed on all aspects of the job and he never had a doubt we would be happy with the finished product. The crew truly love their work they do and the concrete crew just get it done. I would never hesitate to recommend your company to friends. Most of all the pool is awesome and thanks for the professionalism.

Melody Fernandez – 5 Star

We love ours!!

Keith Riser – 5 Star

I love my BR Pacific pool

Barrier Reef Fiberglass pools has a rich heritage in the fiberglass pool industry and has been at the forefront of swimming pool technology for years. Our meticulous manufacturing process and dedication to customer satisfaction makes us the perfect choice for your pool purchase. Contact us to learn more about our pools and why we have the best pools in the industry for you home. Be sure to ask us about our recent Master of Design winning pool project.


Top 10 fiberglass pool manufacturers for 2018

There are many resources available on the Internet that list their opinions on what they believe to be the top or best fiberglass pool manufacturing companies. And, if you’re in the market for a new fiberglass pool then reading up on reviews and testimonials about the best pool manufacturers makes sense and should be an important part of your search. The fiberglass pool manufactures documented in this article are just some of the most prominent fiberglass pool manufacturers in the United States and Canada.

As you begin the process of exploring the various manufacturers, it’s important to remember that the manufacturer only supplies the pool to the installer. Ultimately the installer should be responsible for properly installing your pool. So, it will be important to choose a reputable and highly qualified pool installer knowledgeable in fiberglass pool installation techniques.

As a manufacturer of inground fiberglass pools ourselves, we are often asked our opinion of other manufacturers and the processes used to build their pools. The reality is that these companies are continually changing how they build their shells, the quality of materials they use and the facilities which they operate to manufacture their shells. It’s for this reason that customer reviews and dealer experiences are important. The list of companies below is in alphabetical order.

Our List of Top 10 Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers Includes:

1. Barrier Reef Pools

Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pools incorporate the best design features and finishes available in the fiberglass pool industry. Modern styles and lifestyle components such as integrated stairs, tanning ledges and wrap around party seating will accommodate any design flavor and taste. Pool models include the Whitsunday, Coral Sea and Daydream.

2. Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools refer to the fiberglass pool brand previously owned and operated by Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools, Inc., currently owned and operated by Viking Pools, subsidiary of Latham Pool Products, Inc. Pool models include the Apollo, Asbury and Athens.

3. Hatteras Pools

Hatteras Pools makes shopping for a pool easy with free consultations by their local Hatteras dealers, states their website. They provide factory certified installers for pool installation and they offer do-it-yourself kits for those that prefer to install the pool on their own. Pool models include Jockey’s Ridge, The Grand Rodanthe and The Grand Buxton.

4. Latham Pools

According to the Latham Pools website, their fiberglass pools utilize the highest-grade materials, including top-quality ceramic, resin, gel coats, and fiberglass. The company claims to meticulously manufacture every detail for every pool. Pool types include fiberglass pools, polymer pools and steel pools.

5. Leisure Pools

This an Australian based manufacturer of fiberglass composite pools and spas, with a US based manufacturing plant located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Company was founded in 2004 by Kerry Pain and his son David Pain. Pool models include the Harmony, Cube and Reflection.

6. Liberty Composite Fiberglass Pools

According to the website these fiberglass pools are made with pride in the USA and engineered by a team of dedicated experts. The site states that their customers have the freedom to create a backyard retreat that can be enjoyed for years to come. Pool models include the Capitol, Memorial and Radisson.

7. San Juan Pools

According to the San Juan website, the Company has been in existence since 1958 and has grown from a small Washington based company to a nationwide organization with manufacturing plants throughout the United States. Pool models include the Luxor, Great Lakes and Oasis.

8. Tallman Pools

Tallman Pools information states that their pools are manufactured in the U.S.A. in a controlled factory environment using state of the art technology and utilizing the finest materials available. Tallman Pools is a family owned and operated company. Pool models include the Fiji, Maui and Tybee.

9. Thursday Pools

Thursday Pools designs and manufactures fiberglass pool shells that are hand-crafted with the highest standards and craftsmanship, according to their website. Their one-piece, inground fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing facility is based out of Fortville, Indiana. Pool models include the Goliath, Monolith and Aspen

10. Trilogy Pools

After reviewing the Company’s website, Trilogy Pools states that they began manufacturing fiberglass composite swimming pools and spas for residential and commercial applications in 1999. Trilogy claims to be committed to providing innovative solutions throughout the pool and composite industries. Pool models include the Classic Freedom, Modern Freedom and Rectangle.

In Conclusion

When researching the best fiberglass pool manufacture for you, there are many things to consider. Each manufacture offers different types of models, different types of features and colors and each claims to have the best manufacturing processes. With so many claims of superiority by each manufacture, picking the right company may seem like a daunting task.

We know there are many fiberglass pool manufacturers out there, to include others that aren’t listed in this article. For this reason, research on your part will be important. Read the reviews, talk to friends and neighbors and meet with reputable dealers in your area. If you’d like to learn more about our fiberglass pools and what sets us apart as a manufacturer, please contact us today. Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools proudly manufacturers it’s pools in South Carolina and ships to most parts of the United States and parts of Canada.

fun inground-fiberglass-swimming-pool-games

Have Fun in Your Own Backyard Swimming Pool Playing games

best pool games to play games to play in the pool games fiberglass swimming pools swimming pool games
what games are fun in the pool having fun playing games in the pool inground swimming pool games games fiberglass swimming pools
best pool games to play games fiberglass swimming pools inground swimming pool games

To help you kick-start your summer into high gear, here are a few swimming pool games for you and your family to consider playing for loads of fun in your pool.

Marco Polo – someone is designated as “it”. That person then closes or covers their eyes for about 10 seconds, while the other players disperse around the pool. The person that’s “it” with eyes closed, then swims around the pool, attempting to tag the other players, calling out “Marco”. The other players, must then respond with, “Polo”. When the person that’s “it” succeeds in tagging another player, the player touched then becomes “it” and the game starts over.

Jousting – grab a pair of inflatable rafts. These are going to be used to create a duel of sorts. The idea is to have two persons with their rafts on opposite ends of the pool. They’ll be facing each other and are going to move towards each other. The goal is to knock the other person off their raft as you meet in the middle. The person left on the raft is the winner.

Noodle Knights – this is a fun game that uses foam pool noodles or noodle swords. Much like jousting you can play on rafts or in the water. Everyone gets a noodle sword, pick an opponent, and try to strike each other. The first one to strike the other one 5 times wins.

Find The Bottle – This is a fun game that can help build up those competitive juices in a hurry for kids who are participating. The premise of the game is to fill a two-liter bottle with water. Now, the children are going to stand outside the pool while having their backs towards it. This means they won’t see what is happening in the pool as they wait. While they are waiting, the organizer drops the water bottle into the pool wherever they like. It will sink, and that’s when the kids will be told to turn around. Whoever finds it first and brings it to the surface wins.

Water Tag – Kids love playing tag, and it becomes even more challenging while they’re playing in the swimming pool. There can be different rules put in place to how they respond to each other while tagged and that can be created on the spot. It’s a fun game to play and can get the kids moving around.

Shark Tag – one person is “it” and they are the shark. They can only tag someone if they are in the water. The other kids can jump in and out of the water as they like. It’s important to note, a kid can only stay out of the water for five seconds, or they’re automatically a shark too. Those who get tagged are sharks. The last person standing wins.

Treasure – This is a cool game that can be set up for the kids in a matter of seconds. It is similar to the idea of the water bottle game, but you are going to use coins. Toss the coins into the swimming pool and see who can come up to the surface with the most money, while remaining underwater picking up as much money as they can.

There are many more games that can be played in the pool. Some will require additional accessories such as a basketball hoop or a volleyball net and will cost some money to purchase and install. For the amount of use and fun that you can get out of these purchases they are well worth it. However, there are many fun times to be had with no toys or by using common household items.

So, when your planning your next backyard pool party or just having fun in the backyard pool, add a game to your pool time and there will be plenty of fun to be had by all. Why not set up one of these games so everyone can have a great time? All of the games discussed here are easy to set up and won’t get boring. Plus, you can always mix and match the games to get more out of them.

Coral Sea 35 Lounger Fiberglass Pool Features

In this video Tony Walton discusses the main features of the new Coral Sea 35 Lounger, part of the Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools Lounger Series for 2016.

The Coral Sea comes in seven different shimmer colors, unique to Barrier Reef pools. The pool in this video is in the beautiful Aquamarine Shimmer color. This color provides a vibrant and warm experience while in the water.

The Coral Sea Lounger still has the same great features as the standard Coral Sea model like, wide entry steps at the shallow end, resting benches along the swim line and dual entry and exit steps at the deep end of the pool.

The new addition is the lounger, it’s huge! The lounger will fit bodies of all sizes and has a resting ledge for your head. The lounger can lounge several people at the same time and is a great way to relax without having to leave the water. The lounger model also features a safety ledge along the swim line for easy access out of or into the swim lane. This is a great pool for any backyard in 2016.

Barrier Reef now has over 30 models of fiberglass pools and spas to choose from. These pools come in various shapes, sizes and colors to fit most backyards and personal styles.

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