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Top 10 fiberglass pool manufacturers for 2018

There are many resources available on the Internet that list their opinions on what they believe to be the top or best fiberglass pool manufacturing companies. And, if you’re in the market for a new fiberglass pool then reading up on reviews and testimonials about the best pool manufacturers makes sense and should be an important part of your search. The fiberglass pool manufactures documented in this article are just some of the most prominent fiberglass pool manufacturers in the United States and Canada.

As you begin the process of exploring the various manufacturers, it’s important to remember that the manufacturer only supplies the pool to the installer. Ultimately the installer should be responsible for properly installing your pool. So, it will be important to choose a reputable and highly qualified pool installer knowledgeable in fiberglass pool installation techniques.

As a manufacturer of inground fiberglass pools ourselves, we are often asked our opinion of other manufacturers and the processes used to build their pools. The reality is that these companies are continually changing how they build their shells, the quality of materials they use and the facilities which they operate to manufacture their shells. It’s for this reason that customer reviews and dealer experiences are important. The list of companies below is in alphabetical order.

Our List of Top 10 Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers Includes:

1. Barrier Reef Pools

Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pools incorporate the best design features and finishes available in the fiberglass pool industry. Modern styles and lifestyle components such as integrated stairs, tanning ledges and wrap around party seating will accommodate any design flavor and taste. Pool models include the Whitsunday, Coral Sea and Daydream.

2. Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools refer to the fiberglass pool brand previously owned and operated by Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools, Inc., currently owned and operated by Viking Pools, subsidiary of Latham Pool Products, Inc. Pool models include the Apollo, Asbury and Athens.

3. Hatteras Pools

Hatteras Pools makes shopping for a pool easy with free consultations by their local Hatteras dealers, states their website. They provide factory certified installers for pool installation and they offer do-it-yourself kits for those that prefer to install the pool on their own. Pool models include Jockey’s Ridge, The Grand Rodanthe and The Grand Buxton.

4. Latham Pools

According to the Latham Pools website, their fiberglass pools utilize the highest-grade materials, including top-quality ceramic, resin, gel coats, and fiberglass. The company claims to meticulously manufacture every detail for every pool. Pool types include fiberglass pools, polymer pools and steel pools.

5. Leisure Pools

This an Australian based manufacturer of fiberglass composite pools and spas, with a US based manufacturing plant located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Company was founded in 2004 by Kerry Pain and his son David Pain. Pool models include the Harmony, Cube and Reflection.

6. Liberty Composite Fiberglass Pools

According to the website these fiberglass pools are made with pride in the USA and engineered by a team of dedicated experts. The site states that their customers have the freedom to create a backyard retreat that can be enjoyed for years to come. Pool models include the Capitol, Memorial and Radisson.

7. San Juan Pools

According to the San Juan website, the Company has been in existence since 1958 and has grown from a small Washington based company to a nationwide organization with manufacturing plants throughout the United States. Pool models include the Luxor, Great Lakes and Oasis.

8. Tallman Pools

Tallman Pools information states that their pools are manufactured in the U.S.A. in a controlled factory environment using state of the art technology and utilizing the finest materials available. Tallman Pools is a family owned and operated company. Pool models include the Fiji, Maui and Tybee.

9. Thursday Pools

Thursday Pools designs and manufactures fiberglass pool shells that are hand-crafted with the highest standards and craftsmanship, according to their website. Their one-piece, inground fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing facility is based out of Fortville, Indiana. Pool models include the Goliath, Monolith and Aspen

10. Trilogy Pools

After reviewing the Company’s website, Trilogy Pools states that they began manufacturing fiberglass composite swimming pools and spas for residential and commercial applications in 1999. Trilogy claims to be committed to providing innovative solutions throughout the pool and composite industries. Pool models include the Classic Freedom, Modern Freedom and Rectangle.

In Conclusion

When researching the best fiberglass pool manufacture for you, there are many things to consider. Each manufacture offers different types of models, different types of features and colors and each claims to have the best manufacturing processes. With so many claims of superiority by each manufacture, picking the right company may seem like a daunting task.

We know there are many fiberglass pool manufacturers out there, to include others that aren’t listed in this article. For this reason, research on your part will be important. Read the reviews, talk to friends and neighbors and meet with reputable dealers in your area. If you’d like to learn more about our fiberglass pools and what sets us apart as a manufacturer, please contact us today. Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools proudly manufacturers it’s pools in South Carolina and ships to most parts of the United States and parts of Canada.

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