Fiberglass Pool Reviews by Real Customers

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools has a reputation for building the best fiberglass pools on the market. As a premier fiberglass pool manufacturer, Barrier provides the strongest most durable pools that are built to withstand the harshest climates. For decades our pools have been going into the ground in backyards across the United States.

Our team of engineers has perfected the process that we use to build our pools. And because we do it right every time, every pool we manufacture is perfect for any backyard. There are many swimming pool companies that claim to have superior pool shells, but at the end of the day Barrier Reef has the highest quality pool offering for pool customers to choose from.

Barrier Reef has many great dealers that sell and install our pools. Many of them have experience with other fiberglass pool products and other pool installation types, such as vinyl or concrete pools. Here’s what a few of our best dealers have to say about our pools:

“Barrier Reef pools have the strongest and heaviest pool shells on the market. Barrier Reef uses top quality gel-coat materials that will last for 20 to 30 years if not longer and they have the best pool colors in the industry.” – Steve, Barrier Reef Dealer, Florida

“With decades of experience in all types of pool construction, it was an easy choice to use Barrier Reef fiberglass pools and spas. We have been installing Barrier Reef pools for over 8 years and choose Barrier Reef for our projects because of their dealer focused culture and commitment to building superior pools. Barrier Reef offers an excellent warranty and they have a strong desire for the end-user’s satisfaction.” – Mike, Barrier Reef Dealer, Illinois

It’s important to get the perspective of a pool dealer/installer. The dealer is at the front of the sale and has the insight into how the pool was installed. It’s the dealers who can really provide perspective and if they have experience with more than one manufacturer, they typically prefer Barrier Reef pools. It’s not uncommon for our dealers to have requests to repair other manufacturer’s pools, from cracking to fading and chipping. These types of issues are not common to Barrier Reef pools and we are proud that we rarely receive these types of complaints with our pools. Under normal conditions and if the pool chemistry is maintained correctly our pools will last for decades.

Dealer reviews are great, but it’s always fun to hear from the end customer and how they are enjoying their pools. We looked around the web and put together a list of reviews from various websites that included Google, Facebook and Houzz.

Brent Morton – 5 Star

Great pool! Great price! Barrier Reef sold us a great pool, and everything was delivered as promised. Highly recommend using them.

Steve Cronin – 5 Star

Went by the factory to look at their fiberglass pools. Love the colors and I will soon be getting my pool from them.

North Carolina Customer – 5 Star

I have a fire pit right beside the pool and we do our smores and everything. It’s just a great family gathering spot. The pool we selected was large enough that I can sit 10 people around it, and we just have a great time swimming.

Garry Rogers – 4 Star

A grade A pool experience and great people to work with.

Steve Rogers – 4 Star

Great swimming pools.

Jennifer M. – 5 Star

I had a very pleasant experience with our recent pool installation. I extend my compliments to your sales representative, Jody Parker, who was very personable and professional during the entire process. From the moment that I first inquired about a pool through completion she has been pleasant, efficient and responsive.

Larry – 5 Star

I bought the Oyster 1 it’s already installed, and we love it.

Tammy W – 5 Star

Steve of Paradise Pools, Brick, New Jersey installed our pool two weeks ago! We love it and the installation was flawless!!!!!! Pictures to follow!

Scott & Marcy Thompson – 5 Star

Just wanted to reach out and say how professional the crew was on the installation of our pool in the past few weeks. The crew used careful planning to protect the neighbor’s driveway and the surrounding elements. Derek kept me informed on all aspects of the job and he never had a doubt we would be happy with the finished product. The crew truly love their work they do and the concrete crew just get it done. I would never hesitate to recommend your company to friends. Most of all the pool is awesome and thanks for the professionalism.

Melody Fernandez – 5 Star

We love ours!!

Keith Riser – 5 Star

I love my BR Pacific pool

Barrier Reef Fiberglass pools has a rich heritage in the fiberglass pool industry and has been at the forefront of swimming pool technology for years. Our meticulous manufacturing process and dedication to customer satisfaction makes us the perfect choice for your pool purchase. Contact us to learn more about our pools and why we have the best pools in the industry for you home. Be sure to ask us about our recent Master of Design winning pool project.