UV Systems for Pool Sanitization- Ultraviolet (UV) Pool Sanitizers

Let there be light…

UV has a bit of a bad rap. Typically the “UV Index” will tell us how much time we can spend in direct sunlight, or how much sunscreen we have to put on. Well now UV has come to be our friend when sanitizing your swimming pool. While some are saying that UV Sanitizers are the best on the market for its sanitation, water clarity and simplicity but there are a number of reasons why they may be right.

What is the theory behind UV Sanitizers?

Basically the Ultraviolet light destroys over 60 known pathogens and microorganisms with no chemical by product residual. It is very safe to use, easy to install and requires little to no maintenance while having a low initial startup and continuous monthly cost. Other methods combine 90% of workload to Oxidization and 10% for sanitation however UV does both. There are no harsh odours, red eyes, skin irritation or asthma/allergy flare ups with UV.

That all sounds good but how does UV work?

Basically a UV system is installed just after the filtration system. A device is installed that blasts the passing water with a very large amount of UV light. The UV light will take on the same process as Ozone and will destroy and prohibit the regrowth of certain cells; algae, bacteria, cysts, viruses and chloramines – which is the chlorine by product that makes your eyes red and your skin scratchy. Your pool surface is also safe since there is no chemicals left behind. Most UV systems are the same price if not less expensive than traditional chlorine or salt systems with automated panels. Affordable solutions for UV are around $1400 and the bulbs last around 4-7 years and cost a measly $190 to replace.

So if you are looking for a safe, non-chemical solution for keeping your pool clean and safe you may want to look into a UV or Ozone/UV combination system.

Verdict :

Ozone/UV combination appears to be the Utopian solution for sanitizing your pool without harsh chemicals.