The distinction between Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools and other brands in the industry.

There are lots of fiberglass pool makers, and each has a one-of-a-kind production procedure when it involves their pool structures. We know consumers are looking for the very best possible swimming pool they can get, due to the fact that when they add a pool into their life, they don’t intend on changing it anytime soon.

At Barrier Reef, one of the biggest things that sets us apart from others in our sector is our culture. Due to the fact that the majority of producers are purchasing the raw materials essential to construct a swimming pool from the very same vendors, our culture is important. The difference from one pool supplier to another is just how we pick the best readily available materials as well as exactly how we use those resources to make the very best pool for you to purchase.

Some producers like to contrast their swimming pool producing process to the boating or marine market manufacturing procedure. We think the 2 sectors are totally different as well as that contrasting the 2 is like comparing an apple to an orange. It could seem like a comparable contrast but when you look a bit closer into the details as well as compare both, it will become evident that they are unlike in many ways.

When you look at the boating market you will see how it’s different from the fiberglass pool market. When making a watercraft, the marine market is looking to build the boat as light and also as fast as possible. Due to the fact that as you are crashing through the waves you desire the product to soak up some of that energy, the boat additionally needs to be as flexible as possible.

A typical manufacturing technique in the boating market is to utilize a woven roving technique which will make the boat thinner and also lighter. This makes complete sense when building a marine vessel. We simply don’t think that in the fiberglass swimming pool industry that we want our pool wall surfaces to be like a boat, because we do not want such flexibility.

When a fiberglass swimming pool is in the ground it’s subject to movement particularly in freeze-thaw environments associated with cooler areas. That pressure is totally different from what a boat is exposed to in the water. When we are developing your Barrier Reef pool we understand that it’s not going to be in the sea exposed to 120 mph forces, so we desire it to be solid and less flexible.

As a consumer, the material you’re most worried about is the first layer of the swimming pool, mainly because this is the layer that is exposed, which you see and also interact with in the water. This top layer is called the gelcoat layer which has shade as well as occasionally metal flake in it.

At Barrier Reef we choose the most sophisticated gelcoats readily available and we never compromise on this critical part of our fiberglass swimming pools. Our pools make use of the finest, while being economically feasible, gelcoats and modern technology that we can use, to bring you the best pools possible.

After thousands of pools being put in the ground in all different type of climates, we have actually discovered that the most effective swimming pool type is a robust fiberglass pool by Barrier Reef. What does that mean, how can a swimming pool be a more robust? Our swimming pools are much heavier and much thicker than any type of other brand name on the market.

Consider the pressures that are antagonizing the pool when it’s in the ground. The pool itself acts as a retaining wall, needing to preserve everything behind the swimming pool versus everything in the swimming pool. Natural ground forces are attempting to push the swimming pool inward as well as the water inside the swimming pool is pressing it out. The best possible mix is to develop a really strong swimming pool which is robust and hefty.

The benefit of this is that when the installer is managing the swimming pool, moving it and putting it in the ground the pool walls are not very adaptable, and also the pool stays strong as soon as in the ground. Having such thick swimming pool wall surfaces is a crucial variable as the swimming pool ages as well, since ground stress will not cause a Barrier pool to bulge like some manufacturers that make a thinner pool.

When comparing different kinds of building processes some make use of a fabric-based material, which is a woven roving textile or fiberglass matting as the structure of the swimming pool. The difference in concept is that the fiberglass fabric is very solid and resembles a web of fiberglass that’s thin and also light. This would be great for stopping a bullet, on a bullet proof vest or something like that, because it’s acts as a safeguard from extreme pressures. Yet it does not provide us any type of architectural strength, which suggests the pool has a great deal of flex and we don’t want that.

When contrasting the woven roving approach to the chop technique the woven roving method utilizes the fabric with resins that are shot from a specialized gun around a swimming pool covering to construct a finished swimming pool. The problem we have with this technique is that you can create something called resin richness. Resin richness takes place when the resin material starts to merge on the matting creating an irregular application. Gradually this pooled resin will create trouble and also is not the most effective method to get the perfect mix or proportion of fiberglass product.

The chop method of construction Barrier Reef selects to use, shoots fiberglass strands, which nearly resemble a thick fishing line, with a specialty slice gun. This gun chops the fiberglass right into these strands as well as they are used to the fiberglass shell. The benefit to building a swimming pool by doing this is that you have the randomness of the fiberglass being placed on at unique angles as well as layers. The chop gun technique adds layers to your swimming pool shell, with an excellent ratio between the resins and the fiberglass. This guarantees that the resin fills similarly into the fiberglass as well as gives us the very best composite framework.

The Barrier Reef mission is to build the finest most durable pool that we can, which is why we add much more fiberglass, more material and make the swimming pool heavier. Gradually this results in a much better structure in the ground for you as well as your family members to appreciate over time. We just do not think that in the fiberglass swimming pool market that we want our swimming pool wall surfaces to be like a watercraft, in that we don’t want that flexibility.