In-ground Fiberglass Swimming Pools, How Much do They Cost?

One of the first questions we’re asked is what’s the price of a fiberglass pool?

It makes sense that cost would be the first question to arise when a pool shopper begins the research process. Like purchasing a car, they want to know the price range that works within their budget and with what options before they make any final commitments. We’ve been in front of thousands of customers and ultimately the question of cost comes up within the first few minutes of the conversation.

There isn’t much out there describing the costs of fiberglass pools and that’s because there are many variables that change from project to project and from one location to another. Often there are unforeseeable issues that can occur, which is why it’s best to have a good and reputable pool company install your swimming pool. But we understand. The cost of a Pool matters (along with many other factors). It can certainly dictate what swimming pool and additional options you’re able to achieve with your backyard oasis project. A main point for consideration is that you need to develop a budget that plans for future ownership costs, as well as the initial project installation costs and possible over runs.

As you can see the problem with answering this question is the fact that a fiberglass swimming pool has many add on options that it makes giving a cookie cutter price for a completely installed pool project almost impossible to cost out without an onsite visit and estimate by a fiberglass swimming pool contractor.

Regardless, we can provide you an estimate with some realistic price ranges for various phases of a swimming pool installation project. Remember, these prices are just an estimated price range and as mentioned previously can change dramatically from one manufacturer to another, from different installers and in different parts of the country.

In general, most fiberglass pool projects cost between $45,000–$85,000, which typically includes concrete or paver patios, standard pool operating equipment and basic accessories. As with any swimming pool installation project, these costs can increase drastically when you add other outdoor living features like water falls, stone hardscaping, lighting, salt water systems and so on.

A Fiberglass Pool Shell

I just want to buy the fiberglass pool shell! At Barrier Reef we don’t sell our fiberglass pool shells directly to the consumer. We use a dealer network of highly qualified dealers and installers that can maintain the warranty on our pools. However, there are other manufacturers that do sell direct so we’ll cover what those costs might look like. (Keep in mind these price ranges do not include shipping or additional features)

Small pool shell (26 ft. long or less): $12,000–$16,000

Medium shell (27–34 ft. long): $15,000–$20,000

Large shell (35 ft. long or more): $18,000–$30,000

Fiberglass Spa: $4,000–$7,000

Basic Installation Packages

If there were a “basic” package it might typically include:

  • Shell
  • Shipping
  • Excavation
  • Backfill
  • Pool collar
  • 3’ of concrete around pool
  • Pump/filter system
  • Electrical
  • Filling the pool

Most basic pool packages don’t include premium outdoor living options such as fire features, patios, pergolas, bars, kitchens, etc.

Typical price range: $35,000–$50,000

(This, like everything else mentioned in this blog post, is contingent on a variety of factors, so please get a quoted price from a local installer in your region.)

Basic Install plus Pavers

If you start to consider more custom and unique looks for your project you may want to consider adding a paverscaped patio and seating area with a firepit. This includes everything mentioned in the basic installation plus the additional paver projects.

Most hardscape paver patios are 500–1000 square feet with a multi-tiered pit.

Typical price range: $45,000–$60,000

Additional Pricing Options for Consideration

Depending upon brand, capacity and other features, most:

Salt water chlorine systems cost $1,200–$2,500.

Pool security covers cost $2,500–$5,000.

Automatic pool covers cost $8,000–$15,000.

Heat pumps cost $5,000–$6,500.

LED pool lighting cost $800–$3,000.

Security Fencing cost $1,000–$3,000.

Automatic Cleaning Systems cost $500–$1,500.

Get a Closer Look

Many pool installers use a software package called PoolStudio, which is a great tool for building 3-D renderings of your possible pool project. These renderings are great because they can give you an idea of what your pool might look like with additional features, etc. The software outputs video renderings as well for defining the project further and for sharing with friends and family.

In Conclusion

The cost estimates in this blog post are for general purposes and are meant as a guideline to help you during your pool shopping experience. You may notice that costs may vary significantly from one dealer to another so it will be important to check the reputation of the builder.

Our team of sales professionals both in the USA and Canada can help you find the right dealer that can get you into your dream pool and backyard oasis. There are so many options available and financing has never been easier. To learn more please contact us.