Swimming Pool Extras That Won’t Break The Bank

Sometimes a swimming pool just isn’t enough. There may come a time when you want to add accessories to your pool. Today there are hundreds of accessories available that you can purchase to enhance your swimming pool fun. Pool owners buy these accessories for different reasons. Some reasons may include, accessories to improve cleanliness, safety, functionality, games and others which enhance the design or creativity of the pool’s layout.

Like all products, some pool accessories have different manufacturers with different prices, so it will be important to do your research before you purchase any products. In this article we will discuss popular accessories pool owners use with their fiberglass swimming pools.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

a. Telescopic Poles

These poles are used in skimming, vacuuming and brushing. Most poles are made from aluminum and fiberglass. These poles often have two to three holes at its end for attachment on butterfly clips.

b. Vacuum Hose and Heads

Vacuum pool cleaners work by sucking in water, while filtering out particles. The head is attached to the hose. There are also robotic pool cleaners that work without human assistance and can be programmed for specific use.

c. Leaf Traps

The leaf trap is connected to a pole or hose to trap and remove leaves or debris. Often the trap has a rectangular or circular shape with a straining net. The net allows you to easily maneuver it through the water as needed. Once full you empty the leaves into the trash.

d. Pool Brushes

Over time, various pool types may develop algae across the surface of the pool. A pool brush is a simple way to remove and clean algae from the pool walls and floor. NOTE: This should be done at least once a week.

e. Salt Chlorine Generators

This equipment regulates the chlorine content into the pool water. Unlike chlorine tablets or liquid, the salt is converted to hypochlorous acid using electrolysis. A salt chlorination system will help you clean and remove algae much more efficiently than traditional systems and works great with fiberglass swimming pools.

Pool Safety Equipment

a. Pool Fences

Fences are created to serve as a barrier to prevent outsiders and animals from attempting to enter the pool. Pool safety fences are also great for keeping smaller children out of the main pool area. There are many types of pool fences. Most common fences include aluminum and steel fences respectively. They often come in different lengths and sizes depending on the total perimeter of the pool.

b. Pool Safety Net

These nets provide an excellent barrier to ensure that small children won’t easily fall through it. Nets are a great way to see in the water without having to remove anything. Most important is to keep the pool net nice and tight so that it serves its purpose effectively.

c. Safety Pool Covers

Similar to nets these covers are applied to protect your pool from objects falling into the pool. Safety pool covers provide full coverage so when the pool is covered you will not be able to see into the water. Two types used for fiberglass pools are mesh and solid covers. These covers are typically made from vinyl and other UV stabilized materials.

d. Pool Alarms

Pool alarms are installed to ensure the safety of people and pets and help to prevent drownings. A pool alarm is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children, pets or anything above a certain threshold falls into your unsupervised pool. There are various types of pool alarms to include floating sensors and infrared motion detectors.

Recreational Swimming Add-ons

a. Pool Lighting

The most common type of pool lighting today is LED based. LED lighting can provide many unique colors to your pool experience and allow for better lighting during evening swims. LED Lighting can also be a great addition for your outdoor living areas.

b. Toys and Games

There are many great add on features for your pool. Basketball hoops, volleyball nets and swim jets are all great options for adding exercise options to your pool. You could also buy different pool toys to facilitate fun for the kids. There are unique pool toys available for all age groups.

c. Slides

A pool with a slide provides an additional option for family and friends to have fun while enjoying the pool water. There are many types of pool slides and colors to fit your pool’s environment. Its important to keep your slide clean and free of debris for safe usage.


The add-on pool options you have available are numerous and every year new and innovative products are created and available for sale. Visit your local pool store and speak with different pool installers to get the right add-on products for your pool. Take the time to evaluate your options and consider using the best products that will enhance your overall swimming pool experience. in