Barrier Reef Pools Canada the best fiberglass pool manufacturers

Why we are the best fiberglass pool manufacturer?

Barrier Reef Pools Canada, why we are the best fiberglass manufacturers and where quality and integrity are our core values.

Barrier Reef brand of Fiberglass swimming pools are built and manufactured under ideal factory conditions from preparing the Steel mold to curing. Our Fiberglass pools use absolutely Zero fillers that could adverbially affect the structural integrity of your fiberglass swimming pool, barrier reef only uses the highest quality, purest components with no inert ingredients and a Glass Fiber laminate process that far exceeds US Standards. We have built our Manufacturing reputation as best in class in quality, Strength and no compromise when building our pools.

Your Barrier Reef Fiberglass swimming Pool will be able withstand ground movement and frost heaves the structure is so strong it comes with a lifetime structural warranty that’s transferable we just don’t say the words we build it into the product. Because Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools has been using our formula of sparkle Gel coat for over 2 decades we offer an unprecedented 15 year finish warranty the longest and most comprehensive in the industry.

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools Canada is proud to offer Canadians the best and strongest pool money can buy, without sacrificing classically beautiful designed fiberglass pool models. Click on the link below to see our full range of our elegant in ground fiberglass pools