Outback Series of Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Proudly announcing two new fiberglass pool models

Barrier Reef Pools LLC and Barrier Reef Pools Canada are pleased and excited to announce the new Outback series of in ground fiberglass swimming pools for United States and Canada for spring 2015.

The sleek rectangular design is perfect for families that want a beautiful elegant design that meets there functional requirements and provides options for there backyard oasis.

With two swimming pool size options the Outback provides families with smaller yards or ones who want a fiberglass pool in their backyard, not a backyard that’s a swimming pool the outback 23×11 is a perfect option.

If a grander sleek model is what your looking for then the Outback 30 provides great landscape design flexibility and options.

We believe with denser new home development in Southern Ontario and smaller land sizes the new models will provide families looking for fiberglass swimming pools now have a perfect option with the Outback.

Outback key Features:

  • Seven beautiful colours that sparkle in the sun
  • Energizer seat option
  • Wide access entrance stairway
  • Bench seating for your guest
  • Swim ledge
  • End to end swimming lane
  • Contemporary design that never goes out style
  • Perfect for a swim spa option