Alternatives to salt or chlorine Ionizer (Pool Mineral Ionizers)

What about Swimming Pool Ionizers?

Basically an Ion is an atom that has an electrical charge. The use of copper to attract algae and kill it, and also stopping the regrowth of algae.

How does it clean my pool?

Your pool actually already has a form of Ions in it. When your pool is installed a device is installed right into the plumbing that has a copper element in it. Electricity is introduced to the element and ultimately the water that will enter your pool. Once the charged particles enter the pool they will float until they encounter a microorganism – causing an attraction that allows the current of the water to push the contaminants away into the filtration system.

Electricity in my pool? That doesn’t sound good…

To be honest that is not a concern. Many concerns surrounding Ionization have promoted alternate methods of sanitizing and maintaining the chemical balance in your pool. If your local environment has a hard water challenge (Over 500ppm or more) there will be some cleaning required at the device containing the copper as it will accumulate scaling. Additionally you want to use the Ionizer limited amounts, with another Sanitation methods in conjunction and keep your pool below 80F. Although the water will still be safe it could stain lighter hair to a greenish colour or even worse – stain can build up on the walls and surface of your pool.


This is an ionizer it uses silver, copper and zinc in sintered metal electrodes. Silver is not an EPA recognized sanitizer. We try to get metals out of the water to prevent staining and this puts them back. So jury is still out on this one.