Whitsunday 35 Lounger Fiberglass Swimming Pool Features

In this video Tony Walton discusses the main features of the new Whitsunday 35 Lounger, part of the new Lounger Series for 2016. 

The new series comes in beautiful colors and vibrant styles and features a lounger. The Whitsunday lounger can be accessed from the inside of the pool or at the entry point. There is plenty of room to fully relax and the lounger has a ledge to raise your head above the water and support the neck for the ultimate in relaxation. A safety ledge surrounds the edge exposed to the swim lane which is perfect for getting in and out of the pool and onto the lounger.

The Whitsunday 35 Lounger offers dual entry point steps along the front side of the pool, with dual entry stairs and benches at the other end. The pool also has a large swim lane of 35 feet, which is plenty of space for swimming laps or having fun and relaxing.

Barrier Reef now has over 30 models of fiberglass pools and spas to choose from. These pools come in various shapes, sizes and colors to fit most backyards and personal styles.